401K Leads and Rollover Marketing Secrets!

Want 401k leads? You can buy them here (select 'business benefits leads'), or you can use your own 401 marketing and lead generation program.

Step 1: To generate a 401k leads I will first need a list. There are many list companies available. You can do a search for 401k rollover lists to generate 401 leads on Google. Before selecting a list company ask for samples: how they compile the lists, and if they have sample mailing pieces that have been sent to these lists.

I select a list of 401k rollover leads (these may not really be leads. Just compiled names and addresses). A real 401k lead is someone who has shown interest in your services.

In this case I get a list of people ages 40-60 who are potentially looking to roll over their 401.

401k Leads Step 2: I design my letter or postcard sequence. I create 3 postcards 5.5x8.5 with a headline that grabs my prospects attention, has a picture of me with a caption underneath, and lists the reasons why they should respond. In addition I put a few logos that help build credibility: BBB, Chamber Of Commerce, and anything else that will build credibility.

Why should they respond? Because I offer a special guide that will help then navigate through the tough problems of rolling over their 401k. For example, my headline might be: Ten Costly 401K Rollover Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.

I would then list the ten mistakes without telling them exactly what the solution is for each one. Just a good teaser. You don't want to give away the 'secrets' because then they won't respond. In this case I would provide a toll free number that they can call to leave their name and address to receive this special guide.

In addition, I would put an expiration date on the postcard which clearly shows the deadline date to get the special guide for free.

401k leads generated online: Lastly, I would provide a website address where these prospects can go to download the special guide instead of calling the phone number. This website will have an easy to remember URL (website address), and the website will be very simple with clear directions on how to get the special guide. In addition to downloading the guide, they will be put on an auto responder sequence which explains the the report in separate emails (the ten mistakes to avoid), with more information, even a video.

When my 401k leads submit their information into my system (just a name, email address, mailing address, and phone number...give or take), they will be sent an email with download directions, and then redirected to another page which has a video introduction and thank you message from me (or you).

401k Leads Step 3: I mail the first postcard. I collected the names and addresses and mail the guide. I then wait 10 days and mail the second postcard with a classic "Second Notice!" or something to that effect. And then I wait another 10 days to mail the third postcard with a 'You have to call before this date to get your special guide called, Ten Costly 401K Rollover Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.

401 Rollover Marketing Tip: When I send the report, I mail it with a grabber attached either directly on the report, or on the cover letter. A grabber is a device that 'grabs' the attention of the prospect.

401k Marketing and Lead Generation Step 4: I make appointments. How? Since my guide clearly shows why they need an expert, and I've established myself as such, some of these prospects will call.

401k Marketing and Lead Generation Step 5: Forget about the 401k leads that did not convert? No. I set up a second mailer. Maybe a letter sequence or postcard, as well as a follow-up to my email list. This next mailer will be for a seminar or webinar using the same formula as above.

Step 6: Repeat for leads that did not convert and start another promotion.

It's that easy. You can use this same format for almost any type of insurance lead generation and prospecting system.

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