LinkedIn Lead Generation And Basic Tips On How To Use LinkedIn To Build Your Business...

Here's some specific tips on linkedin lead generation and how to get referrals to grow your insurance and financial planning practice.

Linkedin is a good resource that can kick start your lead generation program. This website has become a hangout for many business professionals. It has more than 55 million members and is frequently visited by people from all over the world. Unlike other social media networks, this is not open to all. requires certain decorum with a planned, defined objective and demands discipline.

How To Use LinkedIn Step 1:

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Linkedin lead generation for insurance agents and financial planners is not one, but a two-fold objective. You can use prospecting to increase your list of contacts and to become the "go-to" person when it comes to insurance related questions. The following are top tips to help you achieve your goal and make LinkedIn lead generation work as per your wish.

How To Use LinkedIn Step 2:

Include In Your Contact Process...

If you are an insurance agent or financial planner, you are most probably in the habit of collecting the business cards of any new contacts you meet and adding the details to your database. Make it a point to send them a request for a connection. This shows you are attentive as you are following up almost instantly. This will lead to immediate lead generation as the contact will surely accept the invite.

Once the contact is in your network, he will be receiving all your status updates. He will also be alerted as soon as you make a change in your profile and update information. This will keep you in his mind on a daily basis.

How To Use LinkedIn Step 3:

LinkedIn Lead Generation By Synchronizing Your URL And Profile:

When you sign up for, the website will prompt you to add your website into your profile data. Make sure that you add your website address. If you omit doing so while signing up, you can always add the details while editing your profile. You can use this feature as a Linkedin lead generation tool too.

Instead of adding your home page address, add your consultation page address. This will be your websites consultation or questions page. This link turns your profile into an active LinkedIn lead generation tool.

How To Use LinkedIn Step 4:

A Simple Linkedin Lead Generation Idea...Get Involved: has a unique Question and Answer feature especially for its members. In this service, any member of the website can ask questions and get an instant response from other members on the website. This is a major lead generation tool.

Browse for questions relating to your field of expertise and keep on answering in a knowledgeable and precise way. This is a great way to establish your authority and also find new customers or clients. Make sure that you spend at least 15 minutes on the Question and Answer feature daily.

You can exploit the website targeting insurance, financial planning or other specific areas of interest to get more lead generation techniques. If you don't have a profile, this is the right time to sign up and create a profile for yourself at Modify your website to have a dedicated page to capture leads for consultation. And finally set some time apart for an exclusive lead generation activity every week.

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