Review Of HometownQuotes

Frankly, we had not heard of before and we were not looking for another lead generation to review. But one of our subscribers shot us an email a few months back and told us that we should take a look at them because he was having great success with their leads. Here is the review...

According to our research, the close ratio on leads is as high as 30% (this is very good for insurance leads). Some agents taking 'higher-risk' leads, is only around 12-15%, but the premiums are higher and the leads cheaper. Says Matt McWilliams of, 'Some of our agents taking lower-risk clients have higher close ratios (around 30%) but lower premiums. Some agents are happy with a 15% close ratio as that may be good for their target market in their area, whereas others need it to be around 25%.'

Why Their Leads Are Easier To Close

HometownQuotes is known for being a lower volume source than some of their top competitors. According to HometownQuotes, this is because they focus on marketing that produces higher quality leads. Their top competitor focuses on volume which produces more leads, but the overall lead quality is poorer than they should be.

Says Matt McWilliams, 'The one story I can pass along with exact numbers comes from one of our agents in Ohio. This agent showed us his spreadsheets for the months of July and August. It compared our leads with those of 3 other sources: In total he received 141 leads from us and 517 leads from the others. He wrote one less policy from our leads than the others combined. 46 to 47.'

After reviewing their lead generation programs and support, we found that provides Superior quality leads AND support for life insurance agents and P&C agents.

"HometownQuotes has had the highest close ratio of any of the companies I work with or have worked with in the past. To date, I close about 31% of my the homeowners leads, 23% of the auto leads, and I'm not sure about the renters leads, but its actually higher than the homeowners. Also (and I admit it may have a little to do with my relationship with Matt), their customer service is by far the best. I have had a hard time even getting some companies to return a call or help me out. They have gone out of their way to help me."

Paul Joseph

"I just wanted to say that the leads I received from your company were excellent quality! They are better than any other leads I have received. Thank you for the great service!"

Sarah Kempf
Ballwin, MO

"Thank you so very much for all of the help you have provided. Without you, I honestly may have given up on the leads business and maybe even the insurance business a long time ago. It's been a true pleasure working with you. Thanks for putting up with all of my questions and for always offering a helping hand and great advice. Last month, we wrote more policies off your leads than all other lead sources combined...and spent 1/6 as much. Just awesome guys!"

Mark Rohr
Madison, NJ

My Very Best To You,

Brian Maroevich
Author, ARMS 

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