Are Insurance Telemarketing Lead Companies Still Thriving?

An insurance telemarketing lead can be one of several things. If you are looking for insurance leads or financial planning leads that are generated from a telemarketing company, direct marketing company, or you want to generate them yourself, read on.

Insurance telemarketing leads are not as widely available as they used to be. Mainly because the do not call list eliminated many telemarketing companies or telemarketing branches of direct response marketing companies.

The second factor that contributed to the downsizing of insurance telemarketing call centers is the because of the internet. The internet has created an enormous marketing opportunity for every business, big and small.

However, the internet has become very crowded both in the insurance and financial services arena, and with online companies selling insurance and financial planning leads (there are only a few top companies though).

Who do you trust when it comes to telemarketer leads ?

I can't refer you to an insurance telemarketing lead company because I don't believe in them (the cold call version...keep reading to learn who I do recommend). If you have ever received a cold call from a telemarketer you know how annoying they can be.

Here's the good news...

The internet has also allowed for new technologies and lead generation opportunities. The newest form of online insurance lead are what's called live transfer leads. Read about insurance live transfer leads here.

Live transfer leads are the closest thing to old school telemarketing. I recommend this company for live transfer insurance telemarketing leads.

Old school phone follow up can still be a source of insurance prospecting, but only if you follow up on an insurance direct mail piece to soften the waters a bit. Read this article on insurance prospecting letters for more on this.

You can buy or create an effective insurance marketing letter or postcard (a series of three is best), and then hire a telemarketer to follow up on it (assuming you follow the rules of the do not call list and laws in your area).

If you are looking for pure cold-call lead generation, I can't endorse any company. There are too many other alternatives to go with online, in my opinion. For example:

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