News Program Produces An Insurance Video For Consumers: Agents Pay Attention...

The following insurance video may help you in your insurance marketing (see below for details).

Here's what you can glean from it: As you can see, it's a news story. Life insurance made the news!

The first thing you may want to consider is using video on your own website to make it 'sticky'. Plus you can ad it to your website as a test and see if it boosts response to your auto-responder (which should offer a special report, newsletter, or mini course). As you can see above, you can include your sign up area to the right of the video. Test it and see for yourself (of course, you'll need to create your own video or find one that you can license). Test, test, test...

The second lesson is a very important one. The very basic language used in the video (keeping it simple) is what makes this it interesting and informative. Never assume people know what you are talking about when you 'teach' your prospects about your insurance plans.

Your next project may be to try to achieve some PR in your area, just like the Agent in the video. Study a few how to guides on getting PR. Paul Hartunian is one of the greats in this area.

Do you see anything else you can glean from this video? Let us know.

Also, would you like to see more videos like this on our website...more how to videos on marketing and prospecting? Let us know.

On a less serious is one of my favorite insurance videos!

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