Did You Know About This Mystery 2008 Election Video?

I'm shocked beyond belief! I had no idea about this 2008 election video. Click the Play button on the lower left hand side of the video player...

This video is may not be the real thing but it conveys a couple of powerful messages:

1. You can't believe everything you see on the Internet or TV. This 2008 election video is proof.

2. Getting your name in the headlines weather the headlines are credible or not grabs attention.

3. You can create a buzz for yourself and your business for very little money...even free...using tools and resources from the Internet.

4. Personality in marketing is king. If you are using direct response marketing successfully, or you are marketing to your client base regularly (and you should), inject a little bit of personality and you might see startling results.

5. Ride the coattails of current events and tie them into your marketing and your response rates can double, triple, or even quadruple. But don't fool people lie the video above. It's simply a fun tool that I am using for example purposes only.

6. Video is a powerful relationship building tool, helps instill confidence in the consumer, and can produce measurable results from your lead generation programs. It's a must use tool for any website.

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