Are Clients Finding Your Competitors Mobile Phone Website?

ATTENTION:  If you don't' have a mobile phone website your website is unimpressive and hard to navigate...

If a potential client finds your website on their mobile phone and it looks terrible you will lose them instantly!

Check out the statistics...

mobile search statistics


This is an actual screen shot logging a month’s worth of website traffic that found my business using a mobile phone. 

Not to be confused with Google internet search engines. This is completely mobile web browsing.

121 potential clients found us and it was all  Local Searches!

The 121 mobile phone browsers that accessed our regular website, all free, were actually potential clients with the prospect of repeat clientele and referrals.

Cell Phone Mobile Searches have profoundly increased. Find out the facts about mobile phone website searches for yourself :

"42.5 million mobile Web visitors in July 2008 to 56.9 million in July 2009 according to The Nielsen Company."

Mobile Web browsing grew 110 percent in the U.S. last year and 148 percent worldwide as measured by growth in pageviews...

The “Delimma”

Local browsing has been available for several years. But clients are finding it difficult to access information though because most websites are not optimized and user friendly and potential clients will most likely turn elsewhere.

Realizing that I needed a mobile phone website that is user friendly and capable of attracting potential clients and retaining them as permanent customers I conducted a test of my own regular website first to see how it scored. A low score is bad. A high score (5) is perfect. And I was surprised to discover my score was terrible!

Here's How My Regular Site Scored As Seen On A Mobile Phone...

mobile phone site

A mobile phone website was essential at this point (this was a while back). I was missing a potentially untapped resource that I could and should access for free! You should too...

Want to know what your site looks like on a mobile phone?  I can show you! Find out more information that can be rewarding to your business. Keep reading!

An unfriendly user experience on a mobile phone browser session will no doubt and did no doubt prove negative for my business. The results of the negative impact that my business experienced due to a bad browsing experience most likely resulted in smaller email and text messaging lists. And lists are the key to building a client base fast, right?

The “Solution”

After creating a mobile website that is user friendly, I got a maximum score of 5! 

Check it out:

mobile website score

Do you know what your normal website looks like to a local browser? Don’t you think you should check? Go ahead…

Mobile phone website browsing is here to stay. Our clients have their PC in their pockets in the form of a mobile phone. Mobile phone browsing is rapidly replacing the PC internet search.

Exclusively for mobile browsers, Google has created a search engine that can direct potential customers to your business.  IF you have a user friendly mobile phone website. Do you?

With your own mobile phone website, your business will pick up the extra local browsers that can be potentially retained for future growth. Cell phone users looking for an agency will find your business if you have a mobile website. If not, they will find the competition. Do you want to lose your business to the competition when you can access these clients for free with a quality mobile phone website?

Here's How I Can Help

We can create a user friendly, quality mobile insurance marketing website for your agency, created especially for local mobile phone search engines.

My staff and I take pride in the superior work we do in creating tailor made mobile phone websites at an affordable price. Your user friendly website can be up and running for $217. In just a short time, it will easily pay for itself with increased client traffic.

Why not take a look at my sample site: (accessible by mobile phone only). Also here are some screen shots if you are on your PC or laptop

Call us and we can provide you with answers to questions you may have and information that you will need to get your website up and running:

(415) 320-1526 or email me  avalanche [AT] and I get you started gaining those extra clients that you’ve been missing.

You'll get a great domain and we will provide all the Keyword Research so that it's mobile phone optimized to its highest potential all for only $217 and a $14 monthly hosting fee.

I look forward to hearing from you and creating your personalized mobile website.

Brian Maroevich
Insurance Leads Advisor

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