Tips On Business Insurance Leads

Do you want to buy business insurance leads or generate your own leads?

Let me cover both areas briefly so that you can make a more informed decision.

There are many lead generation companies marketing online and offline that want to sell you business leads. But very few provide quality leads, refunds or credit your account for bad leads, and are consistent.

There are good and bad sides to buying business insurance leads...

The good side of it is that you can keep yourself busy filling in empty gaps in your appointment book.

The bad side of it is that qualified leads are not cheap. Secondly, some business insurance lead generation companies are strict when it comes to refunding or crediting your account for leads that are either bad, or not well qualified. So you need to do your due diligence as you search for a lead company.

There are also several types of business insurance leads you can buy. There are shared leads, which are leads that are shared by other agents in your areas. These leads are usually 'real time leads'. So you need to have your A game when it comes to instant follow up, and phone and email skills. It's also important to note that most people looking for insurance online are looking for the lowest rate. So keep that in mind during your shared real time lead follow up.

Some agents do very well with real time leads. Some do not. It's known in the industry that most agents who are not good at converting real time leads are usually slow to follow up, propose expensive policies, and are not great on the phone.

The other types of leads are called live transfer insurance leads. These are leads that are generated either through the internet or offline, or both. But the difference is that the leads are pre-qualified on the phone, and transferred live to you. They can be good. But they can be expensive as well. Work with a good company here as well because if the telemarketer is week, they will transfer poorly qualified business insurance leads.

The other types of leads available for purchase are generated via direct mail. These are the old school leads. Look in trade journals for these companies first.

Interview lead generation companies and ask detailed questions about how the generate leads, if they references, how the credit your account for bad leads, and if they have sample leads to review.

You can generate your own insurance leads. I highly recommend this alternative because it gives you more control, and it can be much more lucrative. It does require work.

The lead generation and prospecting potential is plentiful. The key to success is to target a niche, and go after it with creative direct response marketing techniques, and promotional tools. It can be a of fun too. Most insurance agents are busy trying to be Mr. Boring Professional. Be different. Stand out and you'll get a lot of leads and new clients from your efforts.

For more information on do it yourself lead generation subscribe to our free mini marketing course, and read our the articles below.

Buying leads is a good supplement to your marketing and business insurance lead generation efforts. Some agents make a living off of purchased leads. But as I mentioned above, I recommend doing both until you can cut the cord and stick to your own marketing and lead generation efforts.

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