Exclusive Home Insurance Leads or Real Time?

Home insurance leads are available from a wide variety of insurance lead generation companies. But you have to careful who you are buying your leads from.

What I mean is, you must know the different kinds of homeowners insurance leads that are available, how they are generated, and if they are shared or exclusive.

There are general home insurance leads that can be purchased. These leads are can be exclusive or shared. By 'general' I mean they are not real time leads, or live transfer leads.

Real time insurance leads are just what the terms refers to. These leads come into the system in real time, meaning a prospect has just filled out a form and submitted it.

Live transfer leads are usually telemarketed leads or leads generated online and then called by the home insurance leads company. And while they are on the phone they are transferred to you live.

General homeowners leads, real time leads, and live transfer leads are all handled a little bit differently.

Secondly, most real time insurance leads are shared by other agents in your area. You can have as few as one or two agents getting the same real time homeowners insurance leads, or as many as 6-8. InsuranceLeads.com doesn't allow more than 8. Read this article for more information on real time leads.

Regular, shared home insurance leads are very good as well. By 'regular' I mean leads that are generated online and are not real time. They are pretty close to real time but not quite. They are generated using normal methods and instead of you being notified through a real time filter through your insurance lead generation companies online software interface, you will be notified by an email notifier (autoresponder). If you don't mind competition for the lead and you are quick to follow up and a good closer, general shared leads and real time insurance leads are for you (real time home insurance leads will cost more than general shared leads).

I know agents that swear by real time shared leads (and many big insurance companies are using them). And then there are a few that don't like them at all. These individuals are not as good on the phone, tend to offer 'Cadillac' policies, and are not quick to follow up.

For real time shared leads I recommend This company.

For exclusive leads and real time leads I recommend both of these companies:

  • IME
  • HMTQ

And of course, you can generate your own homeowners insurance leads using offline and online marketing methods. I highly recommend buying leads and conducting your own lead generation systems. For more information on both be sure to sign up for our free referral marketing course because you will also get free lead generation and marketing tips. And they are really good...not a bunch of fluff.

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Copyright Insurance Leads Advisor All Rights Reserved.