2 Commercial Insurance Prospecting Letters!

If you need commercial insurance prospecting letters to generate more business, here are two letters you can model. You can copy them word for word with the agreement that you order myinsuranceletters.com through this link first (I believe in their product and I know you'll make good use of it)...

Otherwise you can model these commercial insurance prospecting letters. These are compliant friendly (no guarantees).

Dear (Name)

As the owner of your business, we know that you are involved in every aspect of its operations. You maintain careful oversight of its financial records; you deliver high quality products and/or services; and you take care of your customers' needs. You do this in order to protect the future of your company. But is this enough?

Unfortunately, it isn't. No matter what size your business may be, unless you have invested in adequate commercial insurance, it is at a high risk. Commercial insurance is a cornerstone of a company's stability. Without it, you will not be able to protect yourself from unforeseen events like fire, theft, natural disasters, property damage and liability. The right insurance can also provide coverage for employee injuries and losses that may be incurred by an interruption in your company's operations. Without insurance, not only is your business at risk, but in some cases, without insurance a business owner may also have his personal property and assets at risk.

You may have hesitated in purchasing insurance because you feel that it may be too expensive. Or maybe you have put it off because you are unsure how to begin choosing among the many insurance companies that offer business protection.

(COMPANY NAME) has a solid reputation for affordable, comprehensive coverage. Our business has been created so that unforeseen events do not catch your business blindsided. Our clients sleep well at night knowing that their businesses and assets are not in jeopardy.

We consider each of our clients as unique. We recognize that each company has its own business model and its own operational approaches. Since we respect the uniqueness of each company, we offer customized insurance protection. We answer your questions, and we take time to educate you about the different options.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak personally with you about your needs and our solutions. Please give us a call so that we can schedule a time that is convenient to you.Don't let any more time pass before you make one of the most important investments for your company's safety. You will not be disappointed!

Your Name

Here is the second follow up commercial insurance prospecting letter:

The whole idea with these commercial insurance prospecting letters is to send two of them 7-10 days apart and follow up with a phone call. This will warm your prospect up, making your cold call much less of a cold call.

You should consider sending a third letter with a grabber as described here in this health insurance marketing letter..

Dear Name,

Several weeks ago we sent you a letter inviting you to meet with us to discuss commercial insurance protection for your business. We hope that you have taken time to consider the possible risks you face if you are not protected from events that could jeopardize your company's future.If you currently do not have insurance, allow us to work with you to find the best coverage to fit your needs and your financial resources. If you already have insurance, we can assess your current coverage to make sure that your business and personal assets are protected.

(COMPANY NAME) has been in business for (YEARS). Our staff members are experienced professionals, and we understand and respect the importance of your company's stability. Life is filled with the unexpected…and not knowing the future can be unsettling, especially when you are running a business. There are some things that you can control and some things that you cannot. But the one thing that you can control is the impact of the unexpected. Do not let fire, theft, natural disasters, liability or any other threat cause you to lose sleep at night. Let us help you protect your life's work.

We offer a complete portfolio of products so that you can select the ones best-suited for your company's needs. Our products range from coverage related to auto protection, property protection, professional liability, directors and officers liability, product recall liability, fiduciary liability and umbrella protection, to name just a few.

We understand that you will want to make this decision responsibly because investing in commercial insurance is one of the most important decisions a business owner can make. Allow us to give you an overview of our services and answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to helping you make next essential step in your company's future.

Your Name

Like I said above, you can copy these word for word with the agreement that you order Myinsuranceltters.com through this link. And if you send me the receipt number after your order to verify it, I'll send you the Word Document versions of these two letters, plus, I'll send you two more insurance prospecting letters that are not available for free, and they are quite good.

Anyway, I hope you find these commercial insurance prospecting letters helpful to your marketing and insurance marketing lead generation efforts.

If commercial insurance prospecting letters are not your thing you can view a whole collection of letters at Instant Insurance Letters, or you can see some exceptional commercial insurance prospecting letters as well as a whole host of other marketing letters here.

Check This PDF Out: Here is a variation of a two step letter sequence using a Million Dollar Bill grabber as the second letter (which can boost response and marketing prospecting much easier): Million Dollar Commercial Insurance Marketing Letters.

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