Insurance Postcards That Get Results!

Using insurance postcards for marketing and lead generation is one of the least understood, and underrated forms of marketing.

What postcard marketing companies and consultants recommend when it comes to an insurance postcard marketing is look for a postcard with a nice picture on it, an offer, and the smallest size possible to save money on printing and postage.

Instead of following those steps, you have to work backwards. You have to decide upon...

Who You Are Targeting!

Once you figure out exactly who you are targeting then you have a better idea as to what your insurance postcard marketing campaign should use as a picture, ad copy, and deliverability.

For example, if you are targeting seniors, a picture of happy seniors might be the second thing you should get on the postcard. The first thing is to write your ad copy.

At the very least you should ask yourself...

  • Why should a senior choose you over all the other agents out there?
  • What's unique about your offer?
  • Do you have any testimonials or case studies to back it up?
  • What is your deadline for response?

Consider these questions for your insurance postcard marketing campaign, and then sit down and write as many benefits as you can. Use the top 5 or ten as bullet points.

Here's what you do next...

  • Choose your best bullet as your headline.
  • Write an opening sentence.
  • List your bullets.
  • Create an effective call to action.
  • Put another call to action or teaser next to the address side to get them to turn over the postcard.

Find an image that perfectly fits your ad copy. Not the other way around!

Side Bar: Do not limit your copy to the parameters of the postcard. Type it out without any thoughts of how it's going to fit on the postcard. This will limit your creative side of the brain.

Now you are ready to send your first postcard marketing piece to your target audience. Yes, I said FIRST. Because you should send at least two more to address the fact that a deadline is approaching.

Follow these simple guidelines and you'll have an effective marketing mini system that you can use over and over, and model for other markets.

Hey, and if it works real well for you can license it to other agents.

Don't have time to write copy or create a postcard? Get new ideas and templates here.

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