Secrets Of A Winning Post Card Lead System

A cheap alternative to sales letters and seminars is using an insurance post card lead system.

Postcards can be very effective in your marketing, especially when you understand the science behind direct response marketing...testing and measuring.

An example of how to create an insurance post card lead system is the following...

Post card lead system tip 1: Target your not use the shot gun method. Research your list.

Tip 2: Write out powerful headlines and choose the best one...headlines are responsible for up to 80% of the effectiveness of your ad: A

Tip 3: Write copy that is compelling but not hyped up: I

Tip 4: Make an offer...what are you offering that I (your prospect) must get from you: D

Tip 5: Give two or three alternatives to respond: A

What are these letters (all capped) at the end of each post card lead system tip? If you read vertically, it spells AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The oldest sales formula in the book...and it's still the best formula for face to face selling, and selling through the mail (or Internet).

Keep this formula in mind and you'll get better results from you post card lead system results.

See articles below for more direct marketing and insurance prospecting ideas.

Also, here is a great product to get you on your way with an insurance post card lead system.

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