Life Insurance Postcard Marketing Tips

Life insurance postcard marketing can be an effective low cost direct mail lead generation technique.

To generate leads with life insurance postcards there are several important steps and variables to consider.

First, you have to decide upon who you are targeting. Are you targeting seniors, families of newborn children, families with college bound children, business owners, dentists, chiropractors, etc.

This is a very important step so do not breeze over it. Your life insurance postcard marketing campaign depends on it (and a few other steps described below)...

Second, you need to decide on what specific action you want your prospects to take. Sure, it would be great if you could get them to buy right from the postcard, but that would be too much to ask.

Your choices for life insurance postcard marketing 'actions' include and are not limited to the following (but these are the most common):

  • Call for a quote
  • Call for an appointment
  • Call for a free guide, report, video, audio, gift (with quote or free information product; seen AARP commercials?)
  • Go to website for free quote, report, video, audio, gift (with quote or any of the information products).
  • Combination of the above.
  • Call for free 'consumer awareness message'. Otherwise known as the free recorded messages.
  • Teleseminar or webinar announcement and sign up - a powerful underrated and misunderstood strategy.
  • Return reply tear out card
  • Seminar invitation

When it comes to a life insurance postcard marketing and lead generation system, most agents and planners just want to make the sale, and as fast as humanly possible. So the first thing that comes to an insurance agents mind is, 'How can I create a life insurance postcard marketing piece that gets me the most interested people to call me for a life insurance quote?'

That is understandable, but regardless of what outcome you wish to achieve, in order to create an effective lead generation postcard, particularly for life insurance, you have to stick with the fundamentals of direct response marketing.

You must have:

  • A compelling headline
  • A good opening paragraph
  • Reason why ad copy -- why are you sending the postcard and why should your prospect call or ask for information.
  • A good offer or call to action
  • A good, trusting picture of yourself
  • Credibility: provide any known affiliations you have like the Chamber, or any rating services etc. Are you published? Are you an author?

Those are the very basic elements of a solid life insurance marketing postcard.

Other elements that would make your life insurance postcard improve response could be:

  • Testimonials and/or case studies
  • Deadline date
  • Secondary reasons to respond (if they don't want to call your office give them the option of calling your recorded message or go to a website)
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • And many others

Since the headline is basically 80%-90% of the effectiveness of your marketing piece ( scientifically proven based upon millions of direct mail pieces), focus some time on it. Write dozens until you find the right one.

For example, if you choose nurses as your target audience a headline might be:

Attention Registered Nurses: Free Video Shows You 7 Ways To Slash Your Insurance Premiums! How Much Will You Save?

Attention All RN's: How To Save Up To 65% On Your Life Insurance!

Attention All RN's: If You Qualify You May Be Able To Save Up To 65% On Your Life Insurance!

Here's more life insurance postcard marketing target market ideas:

Veterans: Are You Paying Too Much For Your Life Insurance? Here's How Much Bob Stevens -- 1st Infantry Division -- Saved This Year...

Chiropractors: Are You Paying Too Much For Your Life Insurance?

Author Of A Pilots Guide To Estate Planning and Early Retirement Reveals 7 Tricks To Saving Up To 72% On Life Insurance Premiums!

All these headlines can be mixed and matched, and they might need to be tweaked. But here is how to test which ones work the best:

Life Insurance Postcard Marketing Testing Secrets:

Secret #1: Do an A/B Split Test: Send one half your list one headline with the same ad copy, and then send the other half your second favorite headline. See which one works the best.

Secret #2: Before you mail anything, create a basic landing page (website landing page), and test several different ads on Google Adwords, Yahoo, MSN, or even Facebook. Set your budget low and test different ads to with simple ad copy. See which ads perform the best and the use them as your basis for a life insurance postcard.

Once you decide upon who your target audience is, select a list, and write your ad copy, there is one more thing you should consider for your life insurance postcard marketing campaign: Sequence...

Instead of sending one life insurance postcard marketing piece, send a series of 3-4. Each one should leverage off the previous. For example, if you have a deadline date or there are only a certain number of information products or spaces available for your seminar or webinar, make sure you pound that point all they way up to the deadline.

Include email follow as well if you are directing people to your lead generation or webinar sign up page. Send emails reminding them of the date and time all the way up to the event, and then send more afterwards.

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