Make Prospecting For Insurance Leads Easier

Are you busy prospecting for insurance leads when you could be sitting in front of qualified insurance prospects and closing sales?

In the insurance and financial services profession you have several alternatives available to you.

You can buy leads or generate your own leads.

Both are viable options for any agent. But solely relying on buying leads rather than prospecting for insurance leads on your own is a mistake.

Buying leads is expensive, and risky. You have no idea if the leads are of high quality because you don't know what kind of list they are mailing to, or if they truly are providing you with exclusive leads.

As you develop your skills in selling and marketing, you should consider developing your own insurance lead system. It can be as simple as running ads in your local paper, or buying a list and marketing to it with direct mail letters and/or postcards.

I would also suggest that you delegate the menial tasks such as the entire direct mail project (if you are using direct mail) to someone else. This is a low paying job and you need to focus on the high paying job...developing marketing that gets results so you can sit in front of prospects and close the sale.

If you want to make prospecting for insurance leads simple...

My opinion is that if you really want to make prospecting for insurance leads easier, you need to reinvent your insurance business. The best option is to become more of a financial advisor. You have many more advantages when it comes to marketing, and people respect financial planners more than they do insurance agents. For example, do people want to buy insurance, or do they want to defer taxes, pay less taxes, or build wealth?

The second option is to become an expert in one area of planning. For example,

estate planning. This way you can advertise estate planning seminars and joint venture with CPA's and attorneys.

The third option is for agents who are dead set on marketing products on the front end (big mistake): Become more of a multiple lines producer so that you can test different lead generation strategies for different products. This way you have several insurance product lead generation strategies, plus, when you are selling a prospect you can upsell and cross sell more products.

An article that discusses product marketing and lead strategies is here: Prospecting for insurance leads.

Prospecting for insurance leads can be an exhaustive, taxing job if you don't know what you are doing. Especially if you are using cold calling as a way for prospecting for insurance leads.

Regardless of what you do in your business, cold calling is a huge waist of time. But it is necessary for some agents and planners who have absolutely no money to spend on marketing. Read these cold calling tips for more information.

Also, prospecting for insurance leads is a much easier task if you use a series of prospecting letters and/or postcards to warm your target audience up. See Related articles below for details on this...

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