Uncovering Insurance Lead Strategies That Work...

If you are looking and searching for insurance lead strategies to help you make more money, I've got good news and bad new.

The good news is that it's still possible to get high quality leads for your business. The bad news is that response rates will not be high because people don't want to buy an insurance product.

The good news again is that if you want to create your own insurance lead strategies, you need to look into 'back door strategies' and equally, if not more importantly, you need to study effective direct response marketing techniques. And this can be a very fun and rewarding task!

Direct response marketing is about creating ads and direct mail letter (and websites) with the sole purpose of getting a response, measuring it, and testing it.

The most exciting part of using direct response marketing in your insurance lead strategies is when you start getting a response.

When it comes to insurance lead strategies you have many types of media to consider: Direct mail, newspaper advertising, magazine advertising, internet, etc. etc.

But regardless of the media, once you find an ad that works, there are ways of tweaking it for several other media.

My advice to you is to keep your insurance lead strategies simple, and start small. For example, you can start with a direct mail list (that you have carefully researched for your target audience, and send out a series of prospecting letters or postcards and see what kind of response you get). If you get a decent response roll out a bigger campaign, and so on and so forth.

Another option is to test an Internet ad really cheap to see what headline works the best, and then roll it out to print media which is more expensive.

SIDE BAR: Headlines are the most important part of your ad. Once you have this, your job is to write effective copy to follow it. Otherwise nobody will respond.

Insurance lead strategies can be expensive. But they can also be rewarding if you test carefully.

Here are a few insurance lead strategies to consider...

  • A series of prospecting letters to warm up your list (hint: target a specific niche)
  • A series of postcards (same as above)
  • A newsletter to current clients (hint: do not be boring and ask for referrals...and keep it direct response oriented)
  • Referral marketing (using a series of letters to current clients)
  • Seminar marketing (hint: choose your list carefully and send a series of letters)
  • Joint Venture (hint: team up with, and exchange lists with other professionals)

There are many other alternatives, but these are the simple ones that can get fantastic results.

An insurance lead system should also offer it in your sales letters, postcards, newsletters, to clients, in the yellow pages, and even the Internet.

incorporate, or use solely, a WIDGET (as Dan Kennedy often calls it). A widget is a special lead generator (newsletter, report, bulletin, booklet) that your prospect will get in the mail, and is basically a sales letter. This really can be an effective insurance lead system in itself.

A Widget, can establish you as an expert, get people to call you, and it can make follow up much easier.

Postcards are a good way to test cheaply. Here is a short article on the basics of a insurance post card lead system.

Another article that might strike a cord is the following: Insurance lead strategies.

Peruse all the articles on this site because each one contains one or more nuggets you can incorporate into your insurance and financial planning lead systems...

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