Large Insurer Comes Up With A Creative Insurance Marketing Program Called Teensurance...

Finally, creative insurance marketing from a huge insurance company: Safeco is launching a new program called: Teensurance. It's a combo pacakge that includes insurance and a GPS tracking system they are calling the 'Safety Beacon'. Here is a video advertisement on this creative inusrance marketing program called Teensurance.

Teensurance gives parents the ability to observe their childs driving behaviour. The Safety Beacon allows parents to set a limit on how far their child can drive, and what max speed they are allowed to drive, and at what time of day. If they 'rebel' and go beyond their limits the car shuts down instantly and they are carried away by the police or an ambulance if they are hurt...just kidding! If they go beyond their limits the parents are called and notified on thei telephone.

The parents can monitor where their children are (in the car), and at what speed they are traveling in the car using their tracking device.

How much? It's only $14.99 per month, and you also get roadside help 24/7. What a deal!

This creative insurance marketing, and it is also a change from the 'cram insurance down your throat' stance most insurance companies are comfortable with.

Using an online interface, parents can track where their children (and cars) are, and how fast they're driving. Teensurance also provides a Teen-Parent contract to help both parties agree on personal driving rules. Safeco claims it can't see data that's being collected, and won't be able to use it if an insured party is involved in an accident. Teensurance is available to customers with Safeco auto insurance, at an introductory price of USD 14.99 per month, which includes 24/7 roadside assistance .

It's a program I've been thinking about for years but had no idea how a creative insurance marketing program like this could be implemented. But Safeco is doing it. And when my child is a teenager, I am in for sure.Espcially since all the bugs will be out of it by then. I love the idea, and it will be a huge hit. website.


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