6 Life Insurance Marketing Tips

Life insurance marketing part 1:

The first step to marketing life insurance is to decide who you are going to marketing to.

What does your target market want? keep that in mind as well delve into this article on marketing life insurance...

Lets consider why people buy life insurance.

life insurance marketing

Most people buy life insurance because they know that either their family will be totally devastated from the loss of one or both income earners, and/or a business will fail as a result of the owner or owners premature demise.

The reasons people buy life insurance vary. Some people buy it for the tax advantages, some buy because they have to. Did you know that many divorce settlements require the income earner buy life insurance (or more of it)?

Those are the 'logical' reasons that people buy life insurance.

But the overriding reason that families buy life insurance is because they love their families and they know that it is the right thing to do for the loved ones that depend upon them emotionally and financially.

Marketing life insurance is not an easy undertaking if you are starting from square one. After all, there are hundreds of life insurance companies, thousands of life insurance agents, and hundreds of online life insurance lead generation

companies to compete with.

But it is possible...

Here are 6 life insurance marketing tips:

Life Insurance Marketing Tip #1: Target your market. Study the market you are targeting. What keeps them up at night? What makes them happy? What do they want most when it comes to their family, profession, hobby, etc.? Some target markets want life insurance for business reasons, tax benefits, or simply for love. Find out what is the major 'hot button'. Use it in your life insurance marketing.

Marketing Tip #2: Choose your media. Choose one or combination's of media that your target market is most likely to be responsive to. Do they read trade journals, newsletters, or newspapers? Do they belong to associations? What websites do they frequent?

Marketing Tip #3: Write your copy or hire a quality copywriter. Whether you are writing a radio spot, TV commercial, viral video, PPC, or direct mail letter, copy is king when it comes to marketing life insurance (or any product for that matter).

Do not use 'we' if possible. You must always write to them. A good rule of thumb is to use 4 'you's' for every 'we' or 'I' in your ad copy.

Life Insurance Marketing Tip #4: Test Small. If you have the budget for a big test, by all means go for it. But a better way to go is to roll out a small test. Measure your results. And then roll it out again on a bigger scale if the numbers are looking good.

Life Insurance Marketing Tip #5: Lead Generation. In my opinion, you should focus on generation life insurance leads. In other words, 2 step marketing. One step marketing is where you do all the selling in one step and hope that you'll make a sale. In 2 step (or multi-step marketing) you focus on getting people interested in what you have to say by asking for more information, and then follow up with until the 'buy' or 'die' (as they say).

In Life Insurance Marketing Part 2 I will discuss more advanced methods of marketing and lead generation.

Here are the best life insurance ads made for TV I've ever seen. Model them.

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