6 Life Insurance Marketing Tips!

Here are a few basic life insurance marketing tips to help you uncover more clients and build your book of business faster.

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Finding new clients is an important part of any life insurance business. If you don't add new clients your income stagnates and stops growing. There are many different lead generating techniques you can use. Let's have a look at some quality life insurance marketing tips that work.

Life Insurance Marketing Tip #1: Affordable Print Advertising

There are several sources of affordable print advertising. Local newspapers are what most immediately think of but its great to think outside the box. Consider placing ads in magazines that are directly related to the type of insurance you are selling. For example, life insurance print ads in a financial magazine are a good mix. Other forms of affordable print advertising can be found in direct mail outs our next area of discussion.

Life insurance marketing tips side bar: Print advertising can be expensive, so budget accordingly. Test small ads and mailing pieces first.

Life Insurance Marketing Tip #2: Direct Mail Outs

Direct mail outs offer plenty of affordable options for life insurance leads. Something as simple as a postcard can be used or something more sophisticated such as a free booklet packed with useful information on life insurance is also an option. The key is to choose what fits your budget. You'll need to decide how to get the most out of your budget. You might choose a simpler format like the postcard and distribute to more potential clients, or you could choose the more expensive booklet and distribute to a smaller potential client base.

When doing direct mail outs keep in mind that targeting your market is important. If you just mail out without thinking about your target market you will be sadly disappointed. You know who your target market is. Use that information to get the most from your direct mail out. Direct mail is a good way to generate qualified insurance leads.

Life Insurance Marketing Tip #3: Pay Per Click Ads

You can create online life insurance lead generation using pay per click marketing. Yahoo, MSN, and Google all offer their own version of pay per click. How does pay per click work? Let's have a look.

Let's say a person does a search on Google for life insurance. Google will then display your ad with the search results. That means you have a targeted lead because when the person clicks your ad its because they were searching for life insurance.

The drawback to this type of marketing is that you pay each time a person clicks one of your ads. How much you pay depends on how much you bid for ad placement. The more you bid the more your ad is displayed. There is plenty of excellent information available on pay per click marketing to get a full understanding of how this unique form of marketing works.

Life Insurance Marketing Tip #4: Online Insurance Leads

Online life insurance lead services have changed the way agents target potential clients. This one source of leads can be very lucrative. How the lead service works depends on the lead service company you are working with. It’s important to do your homework so that you and the internet insurance lead service are a good fit. There's plenty of flexibility with this lead generating tool, and it’s definitely one of the best-kept secrets around.

Life Insurance Marketing Tip #5: Insurance Lead Telemarketing

Insurance telemarketing is a tough nut to crack. But it can pay off especially if you have a good telemarketer. You response rates can improve if your telemarketer or telemarketing company are following up on an effective direct mail piece.

Contact a insurance telemarketing lead company. With a recession in full swing, many businesses and families are looking closely at their insurance coverage to make sure they have the necessary coverage to provide peace of mind. The telemarketing company will design a message specific to your business and the services you are offering. Review their scripts and test their telemarketers yourself.

If the laws in your state allow for it, you can test an auto dialer. Your message will be auto dialed to the number of leads you contract, and the message will end with a hook such as “to learn how to save half the cost of insurance, press one.” Those that make the connection are a “hot” insurance lead.

Life insurance marketing tips NOTE: I personally do not recommend this because it's irritating and can give your business a bad name if it's not done properly. However, I have heard of agencies who have done this successfully.

Life Insurance Marketing Tip #4: Online Lead Generation. I am a big fan of online lead generation because we are quite good at it. It's even easier to generate qualified leads and make sales on a local level. People can see with their own eyes where you are located and get a good feel for who you are as a person and business owner.

Life insurance marketing tips side bar: What you need is a good website address, a well designed web site that is geared toward lead generation. In other words you sell your prospects on giving up their contact information or calling you directly right away. To accomplish this you must make them feel comfortable, build credibility, and give them a reason why to give up their contact information.

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These life insurance marketing tips offer you alternatives for lead generation. Choose your budget and then choose your tool. Always keep online insurance lead services as one of your first choices.

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