How To Follow Up On Internet Inquiries

One of your common tasks in building your business is following up with clients and prospects.

In this day and age you are now getting e-mail's from clients and prospects. Your clients and prospects use e-mail daily, and they use the search engines daily as well. They are getting very savvy and sophisticated with this technology, and if you want to stay ahead of the game you need to understand and use it well yourself.

The first thing you need is a real e-mail address. I covered this in a prior newsletter so I won't rehash it here. Basically, if you are using a free account from AOL, or Yahoo, etc., you are looking like an amateur insurance agent of financial planner (because you don't have a real website with real content).

Effective e-mail follow-up is not simply replying to an inquiry with a bland, short response.

For example, if you get an inquiry and they ask something like, "Do you do auto insurance?" Your first inkling, if you don't do auto insurance, might be...

"No, sorry. You might want to try name of insurance agent.
Your Name and E-mail address."

Here are a few e-mail basics to keep in mind when responding to any inquiry...

  • Say, 'Hello'.
  • 'Thank' people for emailing you.
  • Be polite. 'No' is not polite. It's a bark, especially in e-mail. E-mail is a dry medium and words can be perceived differently than you intend them to be.
  • Always 'finish off' your e-mail. I am astounded at how abruptly people end their e-mail's It makes one feel a little uneasy. Finish it off with something like, 'Thanks again. Please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance.'
  • Be sure you web site and contact info is easy to find in your signature.

Those are the basics.

If you want to turn casual inquiries into new clients, you need to do all of the above, and then get them into your marketing sequence...

Ease them into your direct response web site and autoresponder. Also, get them on your mailing list.

If you don't have a direct response web site and an autoresponder, you are losing out on tons of new business.

Every inquiry is a potential client and referral source, and people judge you based upon their interactions with you. Especially with e-mail.

My Very Best To You,

Brian Maroevich

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