New Review Of An Insurance Leads Company!

We recently completed a review of a very good insurance leads company: InsureMe.

Before you go to the article here are two things I want you to consider...

1. Remember the review of Insurance Finder?

If you haven't filled out the form (there's no catch or hidden obligation) to find out more about them, and how to get free leads, do so now. Why? Because you are going to compare the two companies, and stick with the best one (for your area). Or, if they are both equally as good, keep them both.

2. Even though you will get a few free leads from these companies (Let me know if Insurance Finder is not doing this anymore), you should purchase at least 10-20 from each company. Why? Because this way you get a better sample of: How good the leads are, and how good the support is for each company.

Although our reviews are very positive for each company, you may have a different experience.

Worst case: you should be able to recoup your investment on the front end (but if you are really on top of your clients you'll benefit from additional business from each new client, and fresh new referrals).

Best case: You'll make a significant profit, retain a few new hot clients, and get a flow of new referrals.

I can't guarantee you are going to be successful with any of these lead companies because I don't know how good you are on the phone, how positive you are, and if you really enjoy what you are doing. But if you are average in all facets of your business, you should do well.

Here's a few questions we asked InsureMe to answer...

Q: What separates InsureMe from the competition?

A: InsureMe allows our leads to be filtered so that they are more targeted to an agent’s product line. Health leads include medications and medical history. Also, there are no membership fees; you pay for the leads you get.

Q: How do agents get free leads?

If an agent creates a profile (contact info, company, lead types), the agent will receive five free leads. There is no payment information that is required to receive these leads to try our service.

The agent will receive five free leads if basic contact info is entered into the website. This is referred to as a “review agent”. The agent will get 10 free leads if a complete account is created online (credit card info is entered). This is referred to as an “active account”. Please note, there is no lock-in contract. Agents only pay for the leads they receive and they can cancel their account at anytime.

Go to the article now.

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