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halloween marketing tipsI have a new article for you to profit from. But before I link you to it, I have a question to ask you...

What are you doing to promote your business this Halloween?

Don't be a Zombie when it comes to marketing your business! Here's a few quick tips to get you to rise from the dead:

Halloween Tip #1: Print your newsletter on Halloween orange paper and write some interesting articles about Halloween.

Halloween Tip #2: Use a scary theme in your newsletter, sales letters, postcards etc. Write about some 'scary' things that happened when clients didn't plan their estate, get a will, a financial plan...the ideas are endless.

Halloween Tip #3: Send your clients a Halloween promotional item so that they remember you: A flashlight for trick-or-treating with their kids/grand-kids?

Halloween Tip #4: Provide your clients who have children with tips on how to have a fun and safe Halloween.

Halloween Tip #5: Host a Haunted House event and promote it through your clients, neighborhood, JV partners, and freee publicity.

There are many other 'tie-ins' to Halloween. They key is to decide on something -- and do it. Don't be a Zombie!

I have another article for you. This article, written by a guest, has some very good tips you will find helpful in your referral marketing efforts: Getting Referrals.

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