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With all the media attention on Terri Schiavo's tragic situation, something

good has come out of it.

Families are discussing all kinds of topics related to family planning. And unless you've been hiding in hole, living wills are now a household topic, and families are now discussing the benefits of a living will and estate planning.

If you aren't putting together a sales letter and/or a newsletter that discusses this important family planning vehicle and using it as a mechanism to upsell, pre-sell, or simply get people involved with your business, you are absolutely nuts.

The media is constantly producing new stories that you can coattail in your marketing. This opportunity is as good as it gets.

Use this opportunity RIGHT NOW to generate new business...

Create headlines for your seminar and/or information product...

Offer free consultations for estate planning and create a guide to living wills as a special bonus just for coming in...

Offer your free guide above as a lead generator in your business to generate new leads and referrals from your clients...

Get your guide in the hands of your joint venture partners so they can offer it to their clients...

Get speaking engagements where you will discuss living wills and basic estate planning...

The ideas are endless!

Use it in your sales letters, newsletters, direct response ads, even cold calling (if you have no money for advertising).

This is a fantastic opportunity that is right in front of you so I am going to cut it short and let you get to it. And frankly, if you don't find a way to use this in your marketing to generate new business, there is something wrong with you.

Don't sit and think about it. Take action right now. What's the worst thing that could happen?


My Very Best To You,

Brian Maroevich
Author, Product Developer, Great Guy To Know.



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