Are You Getting A 90% Appointment Ratio?

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One of the most lucrative markets to target in your lead generation efforts is the business owner. Especially if you target a specific industry (see more on this later, or for the in-depth mini system please refer to my Avalanche Response Marketing System).

There are many ways of marketing to business owners. For example, you can use direct mail and offer compelling reasons why they should call you to schedule an appointment.

99% of the agents and planners do it all wrong. One of the main reasons is they lead with an insurance product, which instantly triggers a defensive mechanism in your prospect and they toss your stuff in the trash.

I've written entire courses and manuals on this subject. But I recently spoke with an old friend of mine, and he has been leading with a unique group product in his direct mail and tele-prospecting efforts and getting a 90% response rate and a 90% appointment ratio! Read the in depth article here.

All my best to you,

Brian Maroevich

My Very Best To You,

Brian Maroevich

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