Why Direct Mail Is Still King!

Is direct mail still king?

Maybe it will help if you hear the answer from someone else...

According to a recent study by Pitney Bowes, consumers prefer regular mail over other forms of communication from service providers.

Here's a snippet from the article

"The study, which was the third mail preference Pitney Bowes conducted since March 1999, found that, even in today's electronic world, the majority of consumers (66%) prefer regular mail for documents, letters and messages, up from 62% in 2001."

What does this tell you about your current marketing strategy? Answer...

You should focus more energy on communicating with your clients and prospects using direct mail.

While your competitors are busy trying to find ways to save money and get as many e-mail addresses as possible and trying to eliminate "costly printing and mail costs", you will be giving them WHAT THEY WANT, and slowly taking away their prospects and clients.

I am not saying you should eliminate the Internet and e-mail. No. You should definitely be using the Internet in conjunction with direct mail. Why? I'll cover this in a future newsletter.

Brian Maroevich
Author, Direct Marketing Entreprenuer

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