Is Your E-Mail Address Hurting Your Sales?

If you have a cheap

or free email address that you use in your communications it's probably hurting your sales.

I get quite a few emails from agents, planners, and other business professionals on a daily basis. But 90% of them have a major flaw that is hurting their sales.

They don't have a REAL email address!

Their email address might look like... Or maybe it will like something like this...!

If you are trying to position yourself as a knowledgeable financial planner or insurance agent, what kind of image does an e-mail address like this convey?

If you do not have a professional (direct response) website and a real email address you are conveying an image of a "behind the times also ran", and you are not the expert that your prospect should be seeking advice from.

Let me put it in perspective.

Have you ever called a business out of the Yellow Pages and someone answered on their cell phone?

Remember that time you called what you thought was a professional business only to hear kids in the background or a dog barking nearby?

I've called a couple businesses and heard the television blaring in the background of the person I was trying to have a conversation with. I know you have too.

That's the kind of image you DO NOT want. And if you don't have a "real" email address and website that's exactly the image that you are conveying to many of your prospects these days (a real e-mail address would be something like this...

If you want to have a well rounded, professional image that people can trust, get a real e-mail address today.

How do you get a real e-mail address?

You get the real email address by getting your own domain name and creating an e-mail account through it. It is very simple and every hosting company (the online business that hosts your domain name) will set up or help you set up your email account.

If you want a killer web site that is "search engine friendly" and therefore generates local or national leads for very little cost, Site Build It is the is the way to go, in my opinion. It's an online software program that helps you build a content driven, professional website that ranks well in the search engines so you can generate leads.

Site Build It does not build a nice looking site that sits idle like many web designers build. They help you build an online business, and they make it very simple for you to use and understand. I own several of them for different businesses we own. I wish I had known about it several years ago because I would have saved thousands of dollars in time and money.

Get a real website and a real e-mail address today.

Every email you are sending out that is hard to remember and looks like it was created with a free account at Yahoo or Aol is hurting your sales.


Brian Maroevich
The Avalanche Response Marketing System
Million Dollar Prospecting Letters
Postcard Marketing Secrets


PS: Can you think of any agents or planners you know that would be interested in this site: Insurance Leads Advisor. Send’m over!

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