Why Verbal And Non Verbal Ques Are So Important!

7 seconds is the amount of time you have to make a positive impression on your

clients and prospects.

Whether you are speaking on the phone or face to face, you literally only have 7 seconds to impress your prospects and clients.

When you are meeting someone face to face, 93% of the impression you make is based upon nonverbal cues. Only 7% is based upon your voice.

When you are on the phone, 70% of the impression you make is based upon your tone of voice and 30% is based upon your words.

New studies show that your voice is even more important than ever.

Are you practicing verbal and non verbal cues that impress your prospects?

Here are two quick tips that will help you today...

1. Stand up when you speak on the phone. Many of the most successful telemarketers close deals faster and more often when they are standing up.

2. Say the name of your prospect or client immediately when you greet them. Their own name is music to their ears.

How you present yourself on and off the phone (and in email...see the past newsletters for quick email tips) is crucial.

You literally only have 7 seconds to close a deal! Are you practicing your verbal and non verbal skills?



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