A Simple Formula

I was speaking with a client this afternoon and it

reminded me of something that is very important.

I guarantee if you follow this simple formula you'll have all kinds of new leads pouring in from your advertising (and you'll become a better sales person too!)...

1. Conviction. You must truly believe in what you do. If you do not, your lack of enthusiasm (and belief in what you do) carries over into everything you do...the way you walk, talk, write...everything. And as a result you will sell very little.

2. Copy skills. You must be able to translate your conviction into words. Your words should be compelling, truthful, and make me want to charge over to your office and fill out an application.

This skill takes a bit of practice, but if you have conviction in what you do, you are leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. Your enthusiasm should translate well on paper.

If you are thinking to yourself, "yah, I believe in what I do, but what I do is boring", I have news for you...

Find the excitement in your product or service.

For example, insurance is boring on the surface. But helping people legally avoid paying the IRS your hard earned money so you can buy a new car, vacation, retire early, pay for your child’s college tuition (shall I go on), or buy your wife a nice diamond necklace (and that means more and better s e x... yes I said it, it's true!) is not boring.

Dig deep for the excitement in what you do and you’ll find all kinds of ways to position yourself and generate leads, and sell more.


Brian Maroevich, Owner
Avalanche Holdings, LLC
Amazing Prospecting Letters.
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