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The big companies are really catching on to the power of direct response marketing.

If you are not on the direct response boat, you're going to be swimming and struggling when you could be sailing and powering your way to profits.

Just today I received a magalog style report/newsletter from one of the big mutual fund companies.

The headline of this newsletter/report?

"5 Mistakes Of Mutual Fund Investors" Page 12.

Here are the teaser subheadlines:

"The Case For Bonds"
Despite rising interest rates,
bonds can play a vital role
in your portfolio.
Page 10

Single-Minded Approach
How to reach your goals when
you're going it alone.
Page 16

What's inside? Several pages of eye catching and interesting headlines and articles that position them as the experts in their field.

Can you follow the same structure in your insurance and financial planning business? Absolutely. To be honest, those headlines and subheadlines could be improved, and so could the overall newsletter.

Here's the main headline (it's HUGE) on the cover of a report I received from another investment advisory company (maybe the biggest and most successful one out there)…it's really just a sales letter disguised as a report. And they are calling it an 'investing bulletin'…hey, are they reading my material?

The Truth about the Recovery

If you have any money invested in stocks or mutual funds,
here's the one thing you must know.

Do you think people will open the report to read? Yes…

See, these guys do a great job with their reports and newsletters, but they are spending tens of thousands of dollars on creating them…there's all kinds of pictures and color, and it's on glossy paper.

Plus, they probably paid another load of cash to writers and editors to create the articles.

You can create a newsletter for pennies on the dollar, ad a personal touch, and make it even more interesting. You don't need all kinds of color, and you don't need glossy expensive paper. How?

Write the way you talk. Use interesting headlines, sprinkle in subheadlines. Maybe ad a contest or two. Talk about interesting stories with clients (they don't even have to be about investing or insurance). Refer them to other people you do business with (even your gardener, salon, or any vendor you are really happy with). Tell a story...

Insert a referral sheet. Ask for referrals.

Have fun with it and stop over analyzing and being paranoid about what you are writing.

I'll repeat what I've said before…people are not thinking of you as much as you think they are…

If you are not getting a decent response and getting referrals after about 3-6 months (consistently), you are doing something wrong. Or, frankly, your prospects and clients are not as close to you are excited by your efforts as they should be.

Send it in for a critique (for owners of The Avalanche Response Marketing System or Amazing Prospecting Letters only. If you are a owner, use one of the critique coupons and write NO EXCUXES Newsletter on it and we will email you another one for FREE. Sorry, but these critiques are of extreme value, so if you are not an owner of these products, you are missing out. Regular price for a critique is $250.00.)

Hey, it's easy once you get the hang of it. It's fun, and you'll see results too!

But don't be boooooring!

Have a profitable day,

Brian Maroevich
All around nice guy ;-)


PS: Stop making up excuses as to why you are not consistently marketing to your client base, targeting your prospects and setting appointments, and not getting the results you desire. All the answers are right in front of you.



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