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kind enough to share one of his cold calling tips with us. Here it is in his own words...

The phrase "fair enough" works very well for me in many situations and also offering to the client an easy escape after you have made your presentation helps me get my foot in the door. During a cold call I simply close for a visit-time by asking the prospect:

"Invest 15 minutes with me, at any point and time you want me to leave all you have to do is point to the door, don't even have to say anything just point (laugh little), and I promise without saying another word I'll pickup my note pad and leave -- fair enough? I'll swing by Tuesday about 10AM, but first let me spell my name for you: SCHRATZ (if its a further away without another contact nearby I'll provide a phone number).

Then I ask them to repeat, and then I confirm the visit by saying, "I look forward to visiting with you on Monday at 10 -- I trust you'll believe it'll be 15 minutes well invested."

Only once has someone actually gotten up and pointed to the door, while others have pointed just to see if I would keep my promise but it was only a test. I say the phrase with a little sense of humor ...sometimes saying I'll walk out with my head down (sometimes my chin held high), or with my tail between my legs, etc.

Good selling!
Robert Schratz, Pennsylvania

Thanks for sharing Robert!

Attention all subscribers: Imagine if you used a variation of this technique after you follow up on a series of prospecting letters. You'll double or triple your appointments instantly.

Do you have a prospecting or marketing tip you want to share with your fellow subscribers? If you want to share it with us send it in. If I can improve it, I will. And I'll share with the rest of the subscribers. Share the wealth! It's the perfect time of year to do it :-)

Have Wonderful Holiday Season!
My Very Best To You,

Brian Maroevich
Author, Amazing Prospecting Letters



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