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I get emails weekly from agents and planners saying the same thing over and


"How do I get appointments and sell X products?"

The answer is to get a marketing system going that targets precisely those prospects that you want to meet with. And you have to systematize it.

If you need appointments and sales right now, buy some leads. But don't rely on these totally as your only revenue source. The treasure at the end of the tunnel is in your own marketing efforts, that are systematized. Buy leads to fill in for emergency situations, and if you happen to have a slow week (which should ever happen if you are doing your work right).

You need a system that generates new business from cold lists (people who have never heard of you). And you need a system that markets back to your client base...relentlessly (a newsletter!!!!) This is what you need at a minimum.

And if you want to make appointment setting easier, stop marketing products, and market SOLUTIONS.

"Yea, but I want to sell life insurance". Nobody WANTS to buy life insurance. They want to protect their family from financial devastation so that the bank doesn't seize your assets because their spouse can't find the money to pay the bills.

"I want to sell auto insurance". Do you think people will respond to a letter that says "Free Auto Insurance Quote", or "21 Ways To Save Money On Your Name Of Insurance!"?

Need to get appointments with business owners? This is a proven system, and a good place to start.

My Very Best To You,

Brian Maroevich

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