First Issue!

Welcome to the first issue of The Insurance Marketing Letter! It’s been a long time coming. So lets dig in…


The first topic below discusses how to get a free prospecting letter. Please disregard it because this was a limited time offer which is no longer available. You can get a load of prospecting letters here for a small fee:

Amazing Prospecting Letters

Million Dollar Prospecting Letters

Postcard Marketing Secrets



Topic 1: Your free prospecting letter(s)

Here is where you can get the free prospecting letter I promised you. It’s much more than one prospecting letter. It’s actually a mini marketing system that you can use. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and download it: Free prospecting letter. You can use it as is in your marketing, but only you can use it. Please do not pass this link on to anyone else. You are getting it as a subscriber to this newsletter.

Get it now because this link will only be available for a limited time and I will not be offering it for free anymore. It’s actually sold as part of a huge collection of letters at Instant Sales Letters. This awesome web site was developed by Yanik Silver. I wrote a few letters for the site (Yanik is very particular about who writes for him and who he works with).

I think he is only charging $39 for a lifetime membership. A true bargain. He should be charging $199 per year!

Related Articles: Insurance Prospecting Letters. Since we are on the topic of sales letter and prospecting letters lets move on to Topic 2.


Topic 2: Lead Generation

If you want to attract new clients you have several options.

1. Cold calling

2. Buy leads

3. Lead generation (on your own)

4. Referral generation

The first option is in my opinion a waste of time. Why cold call when you can send a series of letters and follow up on the phone (to businesses), or generate leads in target markets?

3 things must take place in order for your prospecting letter to be successful. Your prospect has to...

1. Open the envelope (or package).

2. Actually read your letter.

3. Respond.

Buying leads (Option 2) is a good option, but only if you intend on starting your own lead generation efforts to supplement it (this isn't a rule, just an opinion.) However, I know of several agents and planners who make a darn good income simply buying leads and setting appointments.

Related Article: Qualified Insurance Leads. Buying leads is best served by individuals who want to make immediate appointments and sales. But in my opinion you should begin to develop your own lead generation program as well. This way you can make immediate income from the leads that you buy, and save (and make) more money in the long run from your own lead generation efforts.

You'll get a better, more qualified response if people like to read and respond to marketing that has its own!)

Your own lead generation program (option number 3) has already been discussed a bit above. But, there are a few different types of lead generation techniques to consider.

You can generate leads without following up on the phone, or you can generate leads WITH follow up.

Follow up is highly recommended. You can up to triple your appointments.

Generating leads without follow up can be effective. But you shouldn't jump in without studying what's working inside and outside the financial services industry.

A few of the most common forms of lead generation tools are sales letters, postcards, and newsletters.

You can even use the Internet. Most agents and Planners have no idea that their local and national markets on the Internet have significant income potential.

It's a low cost alternative that you can capitalize on now. Read this article: Internet Insurance Leads. You can build your web site yourself or hire a certified SBI webmaster to build it for you: SBI. We own several SBI sites but one is all you need to generate leads and make more money with your website. Onward...

Referral generation (option number 4) can be accelerated by using a combination of techniques including but not limited to...

-- Simply asking for referrals at the point of sale (this is a high pressure technique that I hate but can be rewarding).

-- A newsletter with a referral sheet (love this one).

-- A sales letter that requests referrals (another very effective tool).

-- Word of mouth (only achieved through hard work and excellent service over time, and one should not rely on it).

-- Networking.

Referrals are the best leads. They are already pre sold and they close faster as a result. You should have a separate marketing program designed just to generate referrals.

If you do a good job in marketing your business the leads you generate will be more like referrals.

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Topic 3. I’m a Chameleon

Did you know that a chameleon can move its eyes in two directions at the same time?

Today I must have become a chameleon because I just finished critiquing a bunch of sales letters and ads and I could swear my eyes were turning in different directions from seeing basic sales and marketing rules being violated (you are not supposed to know that I give away critiques in Amazing Prospecting Letters because they are a surprise bonus. Anyway…)

If you are going to write a letter to a business owner or retiree (or whoever), write with this one thought in mind…

“Why should I pick up the phone and/or set an appointment with you. What do you do differently than all the other agents and planners out there?”

It’s much easier than you realize. You just have to think in terms of what your customer wants. Not what you think your customer wants.

If you can’t answer that question your marketing will get dismal results.

With this in mind, here’s a Contest for you…


Topic 4. CONTEST!!!

Best answer to the question below gets a free $250 critique of any ad or sales letter!

This is the same critique that comes with my ARMS SYSTEM and Amazing Prospecting Letters (but it’s a mystery bonus in Amazing Prospecting Letters, and you actually get two with the ARMS SYSTEM.)

These critiques are valuable. I spend time on them. To be honest, they are one of the most valuable features to my products…

Here’s the question: “Why should I pick up the phone and/or set an appointment with you?”

Send in your best answer: My Contest Answer. Don’t be shy. Deadline date is 2/12/04.


Brian Maroevich

Amazing Prospecting Letters.


PS: Can you think of any agents or planners you know that would be interested in this site: Insurance Leads Advisor. Send’m over!

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