How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

I hope you are enjoying your family time and your last minute shopping frenzy.

I know it can be a little stressful, but it can be a lot of fun too.

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QUESTION: How much are you willing to spend to get a new client?

Smart business people know that each new client is worth a lot of money to their business over their lifetime, and they make exceptional efforts to maximize the value of this client.

They know the answer to this question because they want to know how much they need to spend on every advertising and marketing campaign in order to capture a new client.

In order to figure this out you need to go back and estimate what it costs you in your advertising and marketing efforts to create a lead and then convert this lead to a client. And you should break it down into each campaign.

The results will surprise you, and more importantly it will help you. You may find out that you are not spending enough to get a new client with a currently successful promotion (happens all the time). So now you can spend more on this campaign and make it even more effective.

You may find out that a campaign you have been running for a long time is actually not very productive and you can stop the bleeding and focus in on something else (never spend money on advertising just for the sake of it. Make sure it's producing the best results possible).

SIDE BAR: The least expensive campaign is not always the answer. So don't let that fool you (this is also the reason a lot of agents and planners resort to cold calling because it costs next to nothing to pick up the phone or pound the pavement. However the efficiency is extremely low. Why cold call when you can let prospecting letters do the prospecting for you?)

If you have nothing to go by then you should come up with a number. Are you willing to spend $500 to get a new client? $2,000?

If a new client is worth $2,000 in commissions to you (on average) for the year, are you willing to spend that much? Half?

The answer is up to you. In direct marketing if you are breaking even you are doing well. Because all the money is made in the back end. And if you are making money on the front end you are doing exceptionally well.

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Brian Maroevich
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