Referral Marketing Secret 1:

7 Insurance and Financial Planning Referral Marketing and Lead Generation Secrets!

By Brian Maroevich

Referral Marketing Secret Number 1.

You visit local shops and you probably know the business owner at one or several of these shops, right?

Step 1: Choose one of the business owners that you have the best relationship with. If it's a client, that's perfect.

Step 2: Get a list of business in the area. Say to your business owner friend, "Hey, I am doing a marketing campaign for my new (name of service) tax saving planning service for small business owners. Do you know any of the businesses on this list I created?"

Then, shut up. Wait for them to respond. Have a highlighter ready. They will probably go down the list and say, something like, "yes, I know this guy, she is really nice, the owner here is weird". etc. etc.

Step 3: After you go over the list and highlighted several businesses, say to your business owner something like this, "Great. Thanks. Do you mind if I use your name when I contact them?" They will say sure, no problem 99% of the time. You might even get them to write an introductory letter.

If your business owner friend or clients asks about the new service you can either start a presentation or tell them that it will require about 20 minutes and you can schedule a meeting (Instant Lead!), and then move on to the list.

I've used this technique and received dozens of referred leads in minutes.

Here is a more advanced idea. You can take it a step further and ask your business owner friend if you can write a letter of introduction, and with their approval have it mailed to the people on the list. Then follow up with them.

Or, you can write a referral prospecting letter and mail it to these prospects. Write the letter using something like this:

"Dear Name,

My name is Sally Smith, and the reason I am writing you is because I was speaking with Bob Johnson, Owner of Pizza Mia on 5th St., and he said that you might be interested in a new (name of service) tax savings service that I've created (or something like that).

My (name of service) will save you quite a bit on payroll taxes and it won't' require any additional expenses.

If this interests you please call me at 555-555-5555 during normal business hours.

Thanks for your time.

Sally Smith"

If you don't get a call, send another letter that touches upon the first letter, and then follow up on the phone or even in person.

Let me know how it works for you.


Brian Maroevich

Insurance Leads Advisor

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