"7 Referral Marketing Secrets" Mini Course (Old Expanded Version) In One Downloadable E-Book!

Brian Maroevich

Since my 7 Referral Marketing Secrets email mini course can only be delivered via email every 7-10 days. And since I constantly get emails requesting the full course in one shot (sometimes the system doesn't seem to deliver every single referral secret), I decided to put them all in one downloadable e-book. But that's not all...

In The 7 Referral Marketing Secrets e-book, you'll get all the 7 Referral Marketing Secrets and more. I expanded on some of the secrets, added a few sections on prospecting, and included resources. Plus, I had the entire e-book typeset and edited, and it is something that could be sold for $29.00 as a stand alone marketing course.

I did the same thing for my Prospecting and Marketing Secrets email course a couple of weeks back (you should get it). I went to Peet's Coffee and worked on these two killer free prospecting and referral marketing courses, but I had a dilemma. How much should I charge for it?

Well, I was sipping my favorite coffee drink (a soy latte), and it hit me. I'll just ask for you to buy me a soy latte, and in exchange I'll teach you some easy and effective referral marketing techniques. It'll be just like I was sitting down with you at Peet's Coffee discussing these actionable 7 Referral Marketing Secrets. So...

  • Secret #1: Using Direct Mail
  • Secret #2: Telephone Tips
  • Secret #3: What To Say During An Interview
  • Secret #3: Using A Survey
  • Secret #4: How To Reward and Incentivize
  • Secret #6: Become An Expert
  • Secret #7: When To Be Available
Bonus Sections:
  • 3 Confessions
  • In The Trenches: 3-Part Step By Step Life Insurance Closing Scrip
  • Referred Lead Generation Letter

My Usual Guarantee:

If you think it's not worth at least $29, or you think it's not going to help you, whatever the reason at all, I'll promptly refund your $4.50. No questions asked.

No Longer For Sale...It's Been Updated And The New Referral Marketing Strategies Are Only Available Through The Email Mini Course At This Time. BUT I am going to give you the old 7 Referral Marketing Secrets In Ebook Form For Free when you sign up.

Brian Maroevich

Avalanche Response Marketing Systems (A.R.M.S)

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