Free Insurance Referral Tips and Secrets Ebook

7 Old But Useful Insurance Referral Tips and Marketing Techniques....

In December, 2009, I updated all of the referral marketing strategies in my free mini course called 7 Referral Marketing Secrets.

But I don't want the old referral tips to go to waste because most of them are quite useful. I put them all into a downloadable ebook that previous sold for the price of a Peets Soy Latte ($4.50). It's worth at least $29. And it sold consistently.

But, since I did update the new insurance referral tips and secrets (and they are much better now), I decided that I would give you the old version in the ebook form for free. Plus, I am including a couple of bonuses...

In The Old Ebook Version of 7 Referral Marketing Secrets You Will Learn The Following Ways To Get More Referrals:
  • Secret #1: Using Direct Mail
  • Secret #2: Telephone Tips
  • Secret #3: What To Say During An Interview
  • Secret #3: Using A Survey
  • Secret #4: How To Reward and Incentivize
  • Secret #6: Become An Expert
  • Secret #7: When To Be Available
Bonus Sections:
  • 3 Confessions
  • In The Trenches: 3-Part Step By Step Life Insurance Closing Scrip
  • Referred Lead Generation Letter