Clicks But No Conversions?

by Tim Dalessandro
(West Chester PA)

I am going to buy the report for $6.95 on Sunday (tomorrow) when I'm rained in just to see what you have to say. I own a health insurance business in PA and already use facebook PPC advertising. Problem is I just don't think it's legit. Every time I increase my bid where I know I will get clicks I get plenty of clicks and reach my daily budget with no problem. HOWEVER, nobody ever fills out the quote request form that the link drives them to (clicks but no conversions). This leads me to believe its bullshit and a scam. I've tried tinkering with it and toying with different ads but the same thing happens. I've done PPC before through other channels including Yahoo etc. Each time I did it and got clicks people would fill out the request form-it just got too competitive bid wise on the search engines. My ads are very straightforward and anyone clicking it know why they are clicking it-to look at health insurance quotes and possibly apply online. The quoting website itself is very easy and self-explanatory. The ad/website have a good call to action.

SO, for all the clicks I've gotten on facebook and to not have anyone have filled out the request on my website is just too hard to believe.

Please give me your feedback because I really do want Facebook advertising to work for me. I even have a business page on facebook which I tried as my link on the ads too but that didn't work either so I went back directing people directly to my quoting site again.
FYI-my quoting website the ads get directed to is: and my name is Tim Dalessandro (West Chester PA) if you want to see my facebook business page.

Thanks again!

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Aug 31, 2011
by: Brian Maroevich

Hi! Thanks for getting the report. You got it right? :-)

The clicks are real. I know from my own experience. If it was a scam Facebook would have lawsuits up the wazoo.

With that said, the problem is:

1. Your landing page. In my report I discuss the importance of a landing page that provides relevant, helpful information that is congruent with your advertising message. You also should to test sending traffic to your fan page.

2. You should also use the detailed step by step social media marketing techniques to build your 'fan' base (facebook business page 'likes'), and provide interesting, compelling information and tips. This way you will build credibility and 'expert status', and if you follow the plan you will build a relationship. After you build a fan base you can then use facebook ads to directly target your 'fans' only. This is one of many ways to use facebooks advertising platform.

Social Media Is Different:

Think about what your prospect is doing on facebook. They are sharing pictures, discussing issues, events, reminiscing, and just having fun...

Then they see your ad. They click on it out of curiosity (by the way, send me your ad copy), and all of a sudden they see a page asking them to fill in their information for a free quote. It's just not going to happen.

Conversely, Google Adwords works in the opposite direction. You are bidding on keyword phrases like, 'term insurance quote', or 'health insurance quote'. So when someone types one of those phrases into the search engine and they see your ad that says, 'Free Health Insurance Quote' or 'Free Term Insurance Quote', or 'Save Up To 70% On Term Insurance' (example headlines only), and they are ready to click and enter their information because that is what they are looking for at the moment.

Facebook is a social media platform and therefore you have to engage them on a different level. You are fagging them down with your ad, versus giving them what they want (Google Adwords).

PS: Read the entire report and don't skip to the Facebook advertising part of the report.

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