Fact Finding Tips And Probing Questions

by Paul Holt
(Fresno, CA, USA)

#1. When you are with a prospective client for whatever reason, always, and I say always probe through using some type of fact finding method to uncover what your prospective client's needs are.

Say, for example, your original contact was a Medicare Supplement card that the prospective client sent back to you. You contact the prospective client, set the appointment and always show up earlier than the appointment time.

Always warm up to the prospective client before you start your fact finding scheme. You learn a lot about your prospective client. Say the appointment was for a Medicare Supplement but in fact needs have now changed to a Long Term Care or an Annuity or Life Insurance or some other product that you can offer them. ALWAYS probe the needs of the prospective client in a way that is not intimidating to them.

#2. During your appointment meeting with your prospective client, if this person is talking, never interrupt them but let them talk. If they want to show you their picutres of their family, don't stop this process as it's their way of warming up to you. The more your prospective client talks and the less you talk, you have a higher probability of making the sale. If you do the majority of the talking and the client doesn't talk much, the chances of making your sale is slim to none.

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