If You MUST Cold Call For Your Insurance Here's How To Do It!

by Adam Price
(Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

I have been a sales coach of insurance agents for many, many years and have had some excellent feedback from coaching the mindset.

Not only have I been a sales coach, I have helped a friend of mine in insurance in the Newcastle, NSW area and it's really helped increse his appointments.

The whole key to this is look upon your calls with the mindset of "There May Not Be a Fit" for what you offer and the company your calling.

What I mean by this is, if you cold call with the demeanor of trying to solve a problem they may have, rather than trying to "TRICK" the gatekeeper to let you through, or wonder about WHAT you're going to say, and rather just see if there is a problem they have that you can solve, it's going to be much easier, and MUCH more effective with getting through to decision makers.


Because you're going to be solving a problem they all face and you need to dig severaly layers deep to get to this problem your specific insurance solves.

For example... If you sell "Keyman" insurance, then you're not really selling keyman insurance, you're helping protect their company from "Lost Profits" if one of their key people get sick or are out for X amount of time.

Do not, and I repeat... DO NOT approach the call to the gatekeeper, "Hi, my name is and I'm from X insurance company" as this is only going to put their walls up and you will be blocked.

You need to open very quickly by offering to solve a problem around what your keyman insurance offers.

And this approach does take some refining and understanding of the mindset of approaching like a "Trusted Advisor" and not a salesperson.

But the problem is, when you first call, you're NOT trusted, so you need
to earn their trust by offering, very quickly, a possible solution to a problem that your insurance solves, and to basically see if they're "OPEN" to hearing what you have to say.

You're NOT SELLING, the whole point of this exercise is to see if they're open and to have a low-pressure, conversation with the key decision makers.

So many of you are now thinking, "How do I get past the gatekeeper?" and this is a great question... Basically you're going to talk to the gatekeeper like their the decision maker and ask them the exact same question when you talk to them, by treating them with the "respect" they deserve.

You will simply ask them if they're open to some different ideas around


You will ask them who there is in charge of

Your NOT going to try and sell an appointment to see them, or sell the insurance over the phone.

Your NOT going to be "HYPED UP" or excited, or loud (have your sales voice on) when you call them.

Instead... You're going to take all the excitedness OUT of your voice and just talk to them like you'd talk to a good friend, in a normal discussion tone.

This WILL indeed break down some of their barriers, not all of them at this point.

There is much more to this, but if you just change these few things, you're going to find you begin to ENJOY your cold calling, as there are MANY who still do this, while enlisting a GOOD List as suggest in the article above and are getting amazing success.

I hope this article helps some of you out there, this is based on my experience being a global sales coach for 3 years coaching thousands of insurance, mortgage and finance professionals to be more effective on the phone cold calling and getting their life back.

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