Internal Consumption

by Anon

It is always great when one is fortunate and prepared to handle all aspects of the sales cycle. Regardless of your strengths and weaknesses, everyone must find and contact prospects and ultimately convert them to customers or clients.

To do this, it is often said that the best way to sell a drill is often to sell the hole. To sell that suspect or prospect the idea that to put a hole on a piece of wood, tile, concrete or any other surface, one must understand the reason or need for that hole and speak about the proper drill bit to achieve the desired result, then the door is opened for the big one.

Having tackeled the need for the proper drill for the desired hole for their project, it is easy to sell a drill that has the power to drive the drill bit and achieve the desired result with ease.

This technique often works well for me when trying to obtain real estate business from would be sellers or buyers. Often, the way to get to a seller is to get them thinking about their next home. Once you've got them thinking about their next home, the urgency to sell becomes imminent. If they're buying and not yet shopping for a loan, one may similarly light up that fire, so to speak, by getting them excited about their new home and thinking about what does it take to buy it.

Those with the ability to sell the nail, will often sell the hammer.

In the insurance business, as in most service businesses, it is often easier to get smaller commitments sold that get them to build trust and gain your foot in the door before even proposing a bigger sale. Once in, it is then easier to be taken seriously when one suggests a particular life insurance product, for instance. This way, you make money from different products sold to the same customer, who bought from you and who you did not have to sell to. Usually, this builds a relationship of trust well worth refering you to others.

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