Knights Of Columbus Life Insurance Marketing!

by David

One suggestion regarding life insurance marketing: Study the Knights of Columbus and analyze the reasons for their success.

None of the fraternal life insurance societies and none of the stock and or mutual companies even come close to duplicating the Knights success.

The reasons for this success are many. I have determined at least three (3) reasons:

The first reason: Security--financial and physical. Members are not afraid of a Knights of Columbus agent entering their homes. This security issue explains why most life insurance agents cannot get past an answering machine.

The second reason: The Knights of Columbus fund Catholic schools. Anyone who has attended--or has a child in--a Catholic school knows of Knights of Columbus donations. These donations are made at least two ways.

The third reason: the Surplus per member is almost three times larger than the surplus per member of any other fraternal. This provides the Knights with the funds for supporting Catholic Schools. This Surplus also enables the Knights to pay dividends far larger than any competitors can. The Knights insurance members know this from their annual statements--which they read.

David O.

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