Life Insurance Closing Tip

by Tom
(Chicago, IL)

Mr & Mrs Client, the company knows you need to think about it. While your thinking about them, they need to think about you to. Most folks I work with usually need to think about it for a week or 2. Would you feel thats the case here? (WFA, 99.9% they say yes)

They ask us to submit an application and a check for the first months premium. Underwriting could take as long as 6-8 weeks. After that, you have an opt-in, opt-out period. (FREE LOOK PERIOD) If you opt-in you just continue with your normal premium investment.

If you decided you wish to opt-out, the company will send you a refund check for your first month's premium that I collect today. However, your coverage is binding as of today. So if you did opt-out and received a refund check, you had free protection for almost 3 months. How do you lose?

P.S The "How do you lose?" oneliner is powerful after providing a handful of benefits to the client and showing them no downside.

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