Listen for Your Potential Client And They'll Close The Sale!

by Jim

Usually with friends or neighbors, once they know I'm selling insurance, during a conversation they'll jump in with little tid-bits to get a little light conversation going. I liken it to a doctor who has to listen to health stories or questions at a cocktail party.

But, it is no bother. I am always on the lookout for this kind of opportunity.

As I listen and toss around a few questions of my own (without sounding too much like an insurance agent), I simply wait for them to say something like, "I'd really like to get that insurance premium down." Or, "I'd love to see how I compare", or "I just never have the time, but I know I can save in some of these areas". They'll usually name private health coverage for a spouse, or teen driver, or of course if their car coverage is too much, not enough etc.

Once I listen and know that one area is the most important to them or concerns them, they've closed the sale themselves really. All I have to do is follow up with information that supports exactly what they thought or hoped or knew to be true...They carry the ball throughout the whole process. I really do simply listen and provide the validation for exactly what they are seeking.

Sometimes, it doesn't work out. But, having that mind set right from the beginning, seems to really help close the sale.

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