Marketing and Business Development Insurance Executive

by Norazli
(Selangor, Malaysia)



Before all, let me describe my company business.

- We are an insurance broker who deliver the expertise of risk management by providing services to handle on behalf client's insurance program in term of managing, consultancy, and advisory their insurance requirement.

My favorite Sales Tips are as follow:

1. Phone Call
- I made a lot of phone calls through time after time by promoting the prospect client on our first class services, competitive quotation (price & terms / condition). Here, my bold of sales point is to make them felt that they will have more quotations for their benefits to have the best (Thing) on their company interest.

2. Sending E-mails
- This method is similar to the phone call but it is very least chance to secure the business. The emails will be separated to known and unknown clients with my hope to get at lest a reply "question" from them. Once question is made by them, I will get them closer to the deal.

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