Mortgage Protection Sales

by Ben Wright
(Derby, UK)

1) Ask what future they would want to provide for (names of kids and partner) when they die or become critically ill. Shut up and let them speak. Guide them to talk about kind of Xmas's, holidays, education etc. Would they want partner to have to re-marry to fund lifestyle? Would they want 'latch-key' kids who don't have 'traditional' parenting as having to work to make ends meet?

2) Ask them who their current Critical Illness is with. Act surprised when 90% of people tell you they don't have it.

3) Establish the shortfall between current cover and what they wanted in question 1.

4) Make sure they grasp the consequences of shortfall.

5) Establish a budget for ensuring this idyllic future for their that monthly budget to life's little luxuries (ie satellite TV subscription, cigarettes, takeaway meals, daily latte's, etc)

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