Proven Life Insurance Prospecting And Upselling Tips

by Robert L. Hall
(Alexandria, AL)

This is not a sales tip, but a prospecting tip:

I work with the senior market and I am always looking for prospects.

One thing I find that works for me is when I see a person I think is on Medicare I walk up to them and say, "when you get old enough to get on Medicare give me a call", and give them one of my cards.

99% of the time it gets a smile and a response. "I am already on Medicare, with that I began asking questions."

One couple I met in the Dollar Tree was in their 80's. He had to cancel his Life Insurance policy because of the high premium. I was able to help him get a final expense policy, which they needed. Many people think because of their age or health they cannot get anymore life insurance.

Up selling tip #1:
After taken the health insurance application and you have the check in your hand, ask them if they have an adequate amount of life insurance.

Up selling tip #2:
If you sell annuities ask them if they are happy with their CD rates, they may or may not have any CD's but you will find out by asking that question. Then is will open the door for you tell them what you have to offer.

Building Persistency:
After the application is completed, the telephone interview is done, and you have answered all the questions your client has. Hand the application with the check to your client and say, "it will do you no good and do me no good if you don't plan on keeping this policy enforce. So here it is, you can either tear it up and I will walk out of here and we will still be friends, or I can send it to the company to be underwritten so you and your family will be protected."

99.9% of the time they will say if I did not intend to keep it I would not have put in the application. This will cut down on your cancellations.

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Oct 05, 2007
Senior Market
by: Wally

Working with the Senior market is a joy for me.

Get a list of Seniors (ie) Seniors Clubs, Senior Complexes etc. Send a note to the names on the list and say something like this. As a resident of (Where ever they are from) you are entitled to receive Government benefits (Survivor Benefits.Funeral benefits). However, this benefit falls thousands of dollars below the total cost of today's Funeral & Final Expenses. You need to look into this.(KNOW THE BENEFITS THE GOVERNMENT PROVIDE FOR RETIREES BEFORE ATTEMPTING THIS APPROACH)>

Follow-up in a few days with a phone call and set an appointment.
Great Final expense sales and get referrals to their kids and grandchildren.

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