The Best Sales People Have The X Factor

by Gary Howard
(Eaton, Ohio)

WE all have read numerous sale tips that help make the sale. And knowledge is power as you know. But, it is the x factor that truly makes the sale. Call it positive attitude, call it expectancy, call it vision. Call it what you want. But the best sales people have the x factor. What is it?

1. It is the human factor of caring for the prospect.
2. It is the putting others first.
3. It is heart, emotion, spirit.
4. It is being in the zone as they say in sports.
5. It is imaging how the sale is going to go, and leading the prospect, not pushing, but leading them to do what they need to do.

It is all those and some more. Yes, it is absolutely the greatest feeling in the world that leads one to sell that prospect on what you want them buy. Now that is power. It is the x factor.

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