Whole Life Insurance Sales Tip

by Mike
(Virginia Beach, VA)

Whole life insurance sales tip: We know that some people want all the details. They are very analytical. Others are just conceptual, so they don't need to run every number.

I am an analytical person, however, so when I am using a whole life policy as a retirement supplement, I like to create a spreadsheet with how the whole life policy (and variations of the policy including riders and limited pay policies) will affect the person or couple in retirement.

Some people like to see the spreadsheets, but even the ones that don't need to see every number line by line, know that I've put my hours in to create something that fits into their financial plan and makes sense for them.

You don't want to harp on the fact that you worked hard to determine what's right for them, but if you cant subtly make the point that this is something that you took seriously and was worth your time, it makes them view your proposal as more sincere and more believable.

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