'Yes' Insurance Selling Questions and Closing

by Raluca
(Bucuresti, Romania)

I will describe briefly how this technique works when it comes for selling insurance. The main idea is to ask several questions where the answer should be yes and some questions which will help the prospect getting a better picture of the benefits, before you ask the client to buy your product.

For example: "do you think its important to be sure that your family is protected if it s the case that something happens to you?" (here I think its appropriate to ask ?why??, or "what do you think it might happen?)", "do you consider important having protection in case you suffered an accident?" (Again ask "why, what do you think it can happen"), "do you consider it important having financial protection for you and your family?" (Again ask "why, what do you think it can happen?"). After at least 3 questions like these, ask "would you like something to cover up these needs?", and then say: "that s just perfect! I happen to have this insurance that covers this and this, would you like to sign here"

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