Why You Should Give ABC Leads A Shot

Quick update! ABC Leads is a company we reviewed a few years back. They started off with excellent ratings, and then dropped a bit, then they came back the radar, and now they are back down again. We recommend this company If you want info on their programs, they will send you free information on their lead generation programs. We are very impressed with their customer service, but their lead generation is not where it should be. But for the record, they have testimonials. For example...

  • "This lead resulted in a $25,000 annuity sale on the first appointment. My commission on this sale was enough to pay for 100 leads." - John W.

  • "It is much easier to leave the home with a check when the potential client is ready to buy. That is what ABCleads.com gives the agent, a client that is done shopping and ready to buy." - Ben P.

  • "Sold another one! Out of about 20 leads so far, I've sold 4 that have yielded approximately $6700 in first year commissions. Great return on investment!" - Mark R.

  • "Applicant needed to rollover old money purchase plan to IRA. Completed application for rollover on 05/31/02 for almost $28,000." - John C.

  • "One appointment close. Good, easy sale." - Matt R.

  • "I have been using ABC Leads since last November (2000). I have sold 36 policies for 20 leads since november. If the info on the lead is correct I have a better than 50/50 change to sell them. Part of my success is quality companies that I represent, part is my ability, and part is the excellent leads from ABCLeads.com. Thank you very much" - Adam F.

  • "This was my first one million dollar term insurance policy I have sold! Thanks to ABC leads." - Lance V.

  • "Sold $500,000 term life policy. Picking up $45,000 SPDA next month from maturing CD's, plus three Roth IRA's. Will write additional $250,000 of life in February after birth of baby, and are starting discussion of voluntary, payroll deducted retirement plan for 200 employees. Great results from one lead." - Dick L.

  • "I sold a policy on the husband and wife and got two referrals." - Bradley W.

  • "Thanks ABC the leads are great, keep 'em coming!"
    - Shawn B.
  • "Sold a pair of long term care policies, replacing their old LTC plans. ABC Leads led me to a knowledgeable consumer whom I closed 2 days after getting the e-mail. Way to go!" - Jason C.

  • "Thanks for this lead. I was able to help this prospect obtain life insurance to fund his business buy-sell agreement. Thanks." - Lucy C.

  • "Sold this lead, a $25,000 WL policy. Customer said that he has several friends who he is going to contact me for referrals." - Wallene L.

You can buy cheap leads from abc leads, which are older. Or, you can buy live leads and pay more. But you pay as you go, and they do not have contracts or sign up fees. That's always good.

Abc leads philosphy of providing leads to more than one industry goes against some of what we are preaching here. But they are not spread to thin, and their leads should produce results. So, maybe you should give them a test drive.

The only way to know for sure if ABC Leads is the right choice is to get them a shot. Buy a few leads, and if they are not what you wanted in a lead generation company, try another one. For example, you should definately give Insureme.com a go as well. We are getting great feedback, and they have been very consistent.

So far, the top two companies are Insure Me, and Hometown Quotes.