Fear Of Public Speaking And
How To Get Over It!

My Fear Of Public Speaking and
My Terrifying Boardroom Meeting!

I have always had a fear of public speaking. Here's one of my public speaking horror stories...one that may be all to common. Does this sound familiar?

I remember my first big meeting with an insurance brokerage. It was supposed to be a friendly meeting with a couple of the agents. But what was supposed to be a friendly meet and greet turned into a boardroom meeting with the entire agency.

The owner of the agency did a little overview of their services and where they wanted to be in terms of life and health sales. Then, he pointed to me, introduced me, and asked me to explain how and what I could do to help them achieve their goals.

My Face Felt Hot and My Throat Tightened Up!

(My fear of public speaking makes me nauseous)...I stood up and felt a little faint. I could feel my face get hot, and my throat tightened up. My fear of public speaking gets real bad when I'm not prepared...and I had nothing prepared!

So I opened my mouth and started to speak. I don't remember what I said but my first few sentences were fast and barely understandable because my mouth was dry, and I was scared. I wanted to get out of their!

I found that I was repeating myself and the nervousness came in waves. Big waves. It felt like the room was moving at one point. That was terrible, but the worst part was that my voice was revealing my anxiety because it cracked. And I had to swallow...a cottony burning swallow.

The end couldn't come soon enough and I rushed to my close: 'Thank You For Your Time.' And I sat down. 

The Owner Was Uncomfortable and It Was A Disaster!

The owner was embarrassed for me because when I looked at him near the end of my 'speech' he looked down and had that uncomfortable look on his face. It must have been bad for a confident guy like him to mirror what I was feeling. I think he felt bad too because he could easily see that I had intense fear of public speaking.

It goes without saying that it was a disaster. The owner said very little and I ended up in the parking lot pretty quick. I remember driving back to my office feeling relieved it was over, but at the same time feeling overwhelming disappointment in myself. I've never felt that way before. And I never will...

Success in the insurance business or any business for that matter is directly proportional to how well you can get over the fear of public speaking and perform a public speaking engagements, speak confidently during appointments, and handle rooms like the one I was in (it felt more like a box to me at time but there were at least 30 there).

Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking and Doing Seminars And Start Making Real Money!

In the insurance and financial planning business, a seminar is one of the most rewarding marketing tools you'll use. And now telesemiar's and webinars are big hits too. So you have to be able to speak, and speak fairly well (you don't have to be professional speaker to be successful).

Most of us would rather deal with one or two people or work one on one than speak to a crowd. But if you want to make real money you should relish public speaking, and embrace it.

Easier Said Than Done: Or Is It?

Recently I reviewed a public speaking course called the Get Applause Now Course.  I was blow away by all the actionable tips, advice, and secrets. And it's terribly inexpensive compared to the wealth of knowledge and skill you'll develop...and you'll get that skill in no time!

Don't let the fear of speaking in public keep you from making real money. Because it really is a one way ticket to bigger pay days and commissions...Get the Get Applause Now Course. I highly recommend it!

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